A Ship on a Rock


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A Ship on a Rock

12in X 19.416in (A Golden Rectangle) Metal Print

These reflective metal panels are produced using dye-sublimation printing.This process uses controlled heat and pressure to transfer high-resolution imagery to the surface of the metal. The result is an amazing display of color and  dynamic interplay with surrounding light sources.

The overall numeric value of this piece is 1035, representing the primordial light at the dawn of creation. “How?”, you might ask.

On the first day of creation, “light” is mention 5 times. Light has a numerical value of 207. Light (207) being mentioned 5 times in the 1st day;  207×5=1035! Keep in mind that this is light that transcends the light of the sun moon and stars, as they were not created till day 4! This is eternal light!

1035 is a triangular number. It is the 45th triangular number. It is the summation of 45 (45 plus all its previous digits added together = 1035).

Adam, meaning mankind or humans, has a numerical value of 45 also.

This shows the relationship of the eternal light of Torah, the primordial light at the dawn of creation, and mankind!

Examining the word Amet, which means truth in Hebrew, we uncover a very beautiful layer by looking at the triangles and squares of associated values. Amet is spelled with an aleph, mem, and tav. aleph = 1st letter, mem = 13th letter, tav = 22nd letter.

                           triangle        square

aleph = 1              1                  1

mem = 13             91               169

tav = 22                253             484

The letter placement values of aleph, mem, and tav, added to all of the relative triangles and squares of these values, again totals 1035!! This shows us that the relationship between truth, and the eternal, primordial light of Torah, at the dawn of creation, exists between truth itself, and triangles, and squares.

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